From the mail box

April kit from  came in the mail.  Is all about  family time ,food and strong women who keep our families running. Love that mixer -i need it in retro yellow. My card with a great Julia Child quote  Life itself is the proper binge. This kit has great paper and stickers perfect for my [...]

National Scavenger Hunt Day

Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day !     Lisa  A scavenger hunt is a party game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants – individuals or teams – seek to gather all items on the list – usually without purchasing them – or perform tasks or take photographs [...]

Happy Birthday ! Margret

Yesterday was the Birthday of Margret Wise Brown - author of some wonderful children books. I read these books to my own son when he was little. Reading and books are a great gift.   Pass this gift on to someone you love and Enjoy reading this again !  Lisa  Share this timeless classic with a [...]

Season Of Mardi Gras

So today I'am talking about the Season of Mardi Gras. Yes if you live in South Louisiana you consider this a season. The date changes because of Easter- Mardi Gras is usually set 47 days before Easter. In any given year, Mardi Gras will fall on any Tuesday between Feb. 3 and March 9. These two [...]