Hello Monday !

Hello  Monday !

Let’s start this week a little diffrent – Today’s post is all about what’s happening in the Jung’s household this week.



Since we live in Louisiana school is out in just about a week and half. My house is pretty quite while my son studies and takes his finials. He will be finishing his 5th year with our local Public Online  Charter School. Lavca (K12) – is a great school and my son enjoys it. This program is not for everyone but it works for my son and family.He will be finishing the 11th grade – and will be graduating next year. Class of 2018.

Tuesday Book Club – will feature some great new books and Reviews. So come join the fun.

Wednesday – My Craft Table will feature -some great graduation items .Come visit.

Also I have a new book feature- Wednesday Mystery books come see what I’am reading.

Thursday – Food Post -Some great stops on my travels in Louisiana and great family recipes.Will be in Lafayette for the day -so check out my new stop.

Friday – Lets Celebrate some great  Holidays- Nascar Day,and some fun  Recipes to Celebrate- National Devil Food Day & Pizza Party Day

Saturday – One-click Must buys on books. And the family weekend plans.

Sunday – My Sunday  Lunch post and updates.

Thanks for Stopping !  Lisa


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