Review – Baited by Jackie Ivie



In the shadowy realm between dark and light, survival doesn’t always go to the strongest. Most are hunters. Some are prey. And a select few…are both.

Jezebel has a dark past and darker secrets. She’s known as a man-hater. Cold. Calculating. Vicious. But nobody ever asked her why.
Adam Ballantine doesn’t do death defying stunts just to make a living. He’s addicted to the thrill. The closer he gets to death, the more he likes it.

When Jezzie gets the assignment, it looks clean. Easy. In and out. She should have been warned. Adam is exactly what she doesn’t need – a bad boy with a bad rep. Worse, he won’t quit tempting fate. Nothing scares this guy.

Except this time, the stakes are different.
Someone is really trying to kill him.
And Adam is making it easy for them…

Review Book 2 of this new series. Baited revolves around the Dark Angel Jezebel and her charge Adam. Adam is a dare devil adrenaline junkie and when Jezzie  saves him its a routine job but is it. Someone is after Adam and this Dark Angel can save him or maybe he can save her. Another great book from this author and another great series to sink your teeth in. Book 1 – Hunted starts the series of.  Lisa 




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