Season of Football

One of the four Seasons of Louisiana is Football. The rest of you guys that’s  Winter.

High school means Friday nights under the lights and Saturday means early to the stadium for tailgating until time for the Game -to here the crowd roar – Geaux Tigers.

Known around Town as – Death Valley it can get very loud. At LSU Tigers Games.  Lisa

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There’s a myth that it never rains in Tiger Stadium – I can say that’s totally wrong(LOL)

Tiger Stadium opened with a capacity of 12,000 in 1924. Renovations and expansions have brought the stadium’s current capacity to 102,321, making it the third largest stadium in the SEC, sixth largest stadium in the NCAA and the seventh largest stadium in the world. When filled to capacity, Tiger Stadium ranks as the fifth largest “city” by population in the state of Louisiana. (Wikipedia page)


As in many places in the South – Football is King. They Practice all year round here and play through the Winter months.

Football is the Religion of the South -its deep in our culture and tradition.

An articles to explain it   –From ESPN sports

Whats funny is I like football grew up going to the games – I moved to the MidWest for work  and they had great football. Got married to someone from Ohio who went to Purdue and lived next to the stadium and Never attended a game. We moved to Michigan ( GO Blue) but I never felt the buzz I fell at games in the South.

My hubby and son are not football fans. Since moving back we rarely go or watch a game Unless its a special one.

Football – Yes or No ?   Favorite Time ?  Do you attend?

Check out – the football book series featured in The Book Club post @ Lisa’s Book Blog. Lisa Book Blog @ LEL


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