Handcrafted Soap – What are the benefits?

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OK, this is another question we hear some times.  “Why should i buy your soap?  What is the difference from store bought? or What makes handcrafted soap better?”

When you push past the hint of attitude conveyed in these questions, there is great value in asking them.  We believe at our core of being transparent, and conveying the truth in all things, so when someone asks questions like this we want to be prepared to answer them wisely.

So what are the benefits of handcrafted cold processed soap?  We use soap every day – for washing our skin, our hair, our clothes, our houses, and on and on.  Soap is integral in our lives to rid us of dirt.  But truely all soap is not the same.  Commercially made soap looks alot like handcrafted soap but the main difference of course is inside. All those “soaps” have different chemical formula and…

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