Habits Passed On

Welcome to My – Book Club  @ LEL

On Tuesday I share what I’am reading now and some pass favorite s-

As Mother’s Day approaches I remember when I first started to Read books – My Mom’s a big reader and we always had a collection of books & magazines.

My first long books was my Mom’s collection of Nancy Drew Books she kept -My Mom is still a big Mystery fan to this Day. Just with a more recent collection of authors.




Then as I got older and into romance and adventure-

Classic Harlequin-, Barbra Cartland and Sci- Fi Books



Try Harlequin      Free to download some great Harlequin reads

That became a life long habit. And this Habit I passed on to my son. As a new mother I read to my son everyday . His Kindergarten teacher complained that he Read like an Adult. I was never sure if that was good or bad ?  And to this day he Reads above his grade level and loves  a good book. Both him and my Mom are a fan of the printed kind.


images (15)


Have you visited your Library lately – They have wonderful programs for kids and adult and with Most Library lending through the web – E books are just a click away. Most Library uses this system – OverDrive  all you need to do is sign up with your Library. Lisa


Do you remember your first book?   Do you have a favorite book?

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