Is it Creole or Cajun ?

Okay – some one just asked about Creole vrses Cajun Food ? 


Simple explanation Creole is City Food ( think Classic French food from New Orleans) restaurants like Emeril’s, Antoine’s – family owned since 1840 , Galatoire’s which opened in 1905

Take a look at Galatoire’s  menu here galatoires website

Cajun Food is from the country – slow cooked and made with what they had . Originated from the Acadiana who came fro Nova Scotia   to Louisiana with a mix of other cultures of the area . Thinks swamps , farmlands – people making due with what they had.

Red Beans and Rice on Monday – because this was typical wash day -and took all day to cook.  But now its a New Orleans specialty. As people moved the too styles has lots of crossover – like my New Orleans grandmother moved to the Country and the two emerged.  Lisa

A great explanation is the below link at Louisiana travel – also great information if you are coming this way for a visit.

Louisiana Travel

I posted yesterday My Moms Etoufee recipe today it’s Shrimp Creole ?

The Difference the amount of tomatoes .

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So first  Make a Roux ( 1/4 oil & 1/4 flour) Cook until light brown -add Trinity chopped ( celery ,onions & Bell peppers)  -cook until tender. Add 1 -8oz can tomato sauce -cook 10 minutes. Add Shrimp  (1 1/2 lbs) and chopped green onion tops (handful) -cook 10 minutes. Add 1/2 c of sherry wine ( you can substitute stock) and sprinkle of chopped parsley and cook 10 minutes. Check if sauce is to thick you can thin down with water- Serve with cooked Rice.

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