My Mom’s Favorite things

Today is Friday ! Some of my Mom favorite things begin with the letter F-

Family  – Yesterday  our family had a special day. My Mom great grandson came to visit. It was nice to Welcome the next generation to the family home. It;s been a long time since we had a new baby -my son was the last grandchild born 16 years ago. We had lots of food ,fun and Celebrated an Early Mother’s Day !..


Friends – My Mom leaves in the same house that she grew up in. She is a small town girl at heart . She still has some of the same close friends she had since she graduated from high school.


Flowers – My Mom & Grandmother was big flower garden lovers. My Mom still raises wonderful flowers and a beautiful yard.  I try but I dont  have the green thumb these lady have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Food – If you have been reading along you know my Mom taught me to cook  and she a wonderful home cook. She also enjoys finding new restaurants and exploring there culture thru food. Road trip anyone ?   Lisa

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