Mother’s Goose Day

Today on May 1st  is national Mother’s Goose Day ! 

Do You have a favorite Nursery Rhyme ?  Have you read it lately ? 


May 1st is Mother Goose Day. The Mother Goose Society website examines the identity of Mother Goose and discusses the origin of Mother Goose Day (1987). In addition, the website includes rhymes and recipes, fingerplays, and costume suggestions for anyone wishing to portray Mother Goose.

Rhymes in Full Text

The Real Mother Goose is one of the larger collections of rhymes for children. It was originally published in 1916 and has pen and watercolor illustrations. Project Gutenberg provides the complete book in HTML and plain text and access to individual rhymes by title and by first line.

Celebrate today by Reading your favorite Mother’s Goose Story –


More information here



Join the Mothers Day Society–  To enjoy all things Mother Goose

Welcome to
The Official Home of the
   Mother Goose Society                      For the child-at-heart, the literary-afficianado­–anyone with an interest in the long tradition of Mother Goose.
This Web-home is intended to span the many areas in which Mother Goose lives on. 
It goes beyond the rhymes–to history, literature, rhythms, recipes, games, 
examples of wonderful illustrations, and more. 
Have fun delving into the fascinating lore of the Mother Goose herit





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