Cooking with Mom

At an early age I learned to cook from my Mom. I hung around the kitchen and picked up tips and tricks.

My Mom never uses a recipe unless she is baking. It’s all about a pinch of this and adjusting a recipe as she cooks.

I once called for a recipe for jambalaya – she said when the liquid reaches the 2nd screw you add your cups of rice. Add a lid and let cook.

So lesson learned and I  had to figure it out myself. But I did learn to use the same pot each time I cook jambalaya and  how much rice to liquid in the pot I use.


download (12)

So when you see my recipes here on my site some of them may not have exact measurements. That’s just the way I learned to cook from Mom. Lisa


1 1/2 cup chicken /cubed

1/2 c sausage /cubed

1 onion /diced

1 rib celery / diced

1/2 c  bell pepper

clove of chopped garlic

can of Tomatoes

3 cups of raw rice

6 cups water

Brown  chicken and sausage  in oil. Add vegetables and brown. Add can of tomatoes with liquid and cook until tomatoes fall apart. Add rice and liquid . Season to taste, Cover on low heat until rice is cooked -about 1 hour.

*Jambalaya – is a mixture and can be made with meat or seafood  cooked with rice. Remember you need double the liquid to rice -so adjust as needed.


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